Audrina Patridge Wants to Appear Smart

Friday, September 4, 2009

With her departure from The Hills imminent, Audrina Patrdige wants her own reality TV show, which is in the works, to show a different side of her.

The 24-year-old aspiring actress' new MTV project will reportedly show the SoCal hottie with tattooed sister, Casey Patridge, and their brother, Mark.

Sources say Patridge wants to be a producer on The Audrina Show (really creative title) so she won't be portrayed as airheaded like on The Hills.

The Season 5 trailer certainly doesn't dispel that notion.

Sad Ceiling Eyes

SAD CEILING EYES: Audzo doesn't like how The Hills portrays her.

"Audrina is insisting on a producer's credit on the show," says an inside source. "She wants to make sure she won't be edited the same way she was."

She wants to fashion The Audrina Show after Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Amazing that Kourtney Kardashian may be a role model after all.

Given the shadiness of The Hills producers - falsifying Spencer Pratt's apology to Lauren Conrad, blatantly inserting Kristin Cavallari into the show out of the blue clear sky - you can't blame Audrina for wanting more creative control.

Unfortunately, no producers can edit out the fact that she once dated that loser Justin-Bobby. No camera tricks can be blamed for that one, girl.


Adam Lambert's Debut Album Will Be Released On...

... November 24!

Sorry for the tease. We just couldn't help ourselves.

But Adam Lambert's debut album will hit stores exactly one week after that of friend and rival Kris Allen. Responding to the success of his campaign, Lambert Tweeted today:

"Over 86K raised by ! Thank you guys so much! keep it coming! fyi my album drops Nov 24th!"

We speak for fans everywhere, Adam, when we say: FYI, we can't wait!

Good Morning, America!

Meanwhile, Danny Gokey, who finished fourth on season eight of American Idol, has landed a deal with 19 Recordings/RCA Nashville.

Said Sony Music Nashville chairman Joe Galante: "We absolutely love Danny. We haven't had anybody like that (in country) since Ronnie Milsap or T. Graham Brown."

Will you purchase Gokey's first album? Or are you too focused on Lambert's to even concentrate? November 24, people!!!


Paris Jackson Gets Haircut, Security Collects DNA

Paris Jackson got her first haircut in Las Vegas over the weekend, but the 11-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson didn't fully part ways with her locks.

According to the Daily Mail (UK) reports that after Paris Jackson's haircut, her security team gathered up every last hair and put it in a plastic bag.

The reason? To ensure that Paris' DNA will not be used for any paternity testing: "Can you imagine the value of Paris's hair? DNA, the truth, finally."

Lately, rumors about the biological father of Paris' brother Blanket (a.k.a. Prince Michael) have sprouted, one focusing a famous MJ pal: Macaulay Culkin.

Since 1990, the bond between the one-time child star and Jackson was tight, with Culkin even publicly defending him during his 2005 molestation trial.

Paris Michael Katherine Jackson

Paris Jackson, pre-haircut, at Michael's July 7 memorial service.

Though Culkin denied the paternity claim, another friend and godfather to the Jackson kids, Mark Lester, went on Today to confirm that he donated sperm to Jackson in the 1990s, saying he's possibly the father of Paris Jackson.

He went so far as to bring his daughter Harriet on the show to show her similarities to Paris. In light of the rumors, however, Marlon Jackson spoke out, saying, "Those were Michael's kids - regardless of where they came from."

Alright then.

There's also Dr. Arnold Klein, who like Lester gave sperm to Jackson and was friend of the singer. He says he's not opposed to a DNA test ... maybe, someday.

One thing's for sure - the Jackson family has certainly come together to help Michael's three children cope with the loss of the man they knew as their father.

Paris' coping strategy appears to be shopping, as she made her way through the Palms resort with her grandmother and guardian Katherine, toting bags.


Katherine Heigl to Leave Grey's Anatomy ... Briefly

Oft-maligned malcontent Katherine Heigl just got her wish.

The 30-year-old actress will be leaving Grey's Anatomy this fall. At least temporarily. She will be filming the omantic comedy Life as We Know It, reports say.

Grey’s Anatomy has worked around Heigl’s schedule before, but giving her an extended leave is a puzzling move - especially considering her recent behavior.

Katherine Heigl is known as much for disparaging remarks about the show as for her work on it (she won an Outstanding Supporting Actress Emmy in 2007).

The temporary departure of her character, Izzie Stevens, "will be explained on screen," although it’s not yet clear how. Wonder if it ends up being permanent.

A Katherine Heigl Picture

Katherine Heigl: So beautiful. So talented. So obnoxious.

Heigl’s departure, which starts this month, will likely coincide with her co-star Ellen Pompeo’s maternity leave, meaning that Grey’s Anatomy (which just bid farewell to George) will be without Izzie and Meredith at the same time.

Grey’s Anatomy executive producer Shonda Rhimes said that this will be a transitional season for the show, and "eventually, everybody is going to leave."

We just didn't think they'd be shedding cast members so fast.


Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Share Marriage Tips

The marriage of Kate and Jon Gosselin cracked under the pressure of raising many kids and changing priorities under the bright lights of low-rent reality TV.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar says they won't follow the same path.

The couple, who have 18 kids together and are expecting #19 next year, want people to understand that everlasting happiness in a marriage can survive.

No matter how many kids you have.

"One of our goals is to encourage families and parents that marriage can be strong even if they have kids," Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, 44 and 42, say.

The Duggar Family Picture

Jim Bob, Michelle and the absolutely enormous Duggar family.

The Tontitown, Ark., couple credit a few key relationship rules:

  • Make time for each other. "We have a weekly date, even if it is just to take a walk in the park," says Jim Bob. "We will go out to lunch or dinner and talk together about the kids, upcoming events, what we have coming up."
  • Try not to be critical. "It is easy to think of things that are bothering you more often than things that are wonderful," Michelle says. "It's important to remember those things about your spouse and think about those things."
  • Forgiveness is essential: "We asked an Amish couple who had been married 50 years what the most important thing to know was, and they told us, the most important thing to say is, 'I was wrong and will you please forgive me.'"

Jim Bob praises Michelle Duggar for her "soft response" and kind nature in raising their 18 children, and anyone who has seen the Duggars on 18 Kids and Counting (Tuesdays on TLC) knows their home is filled with praise and encouragement.

"We have purposed to compliment our children – we do that on outward beauty and what is wonderful about them inside. We do that with each other as well."

The Duggars have written a book about their experiences with raising lots of children, living debt free and home-schooling, The Duggars: 20 and Counting!


Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo: So Back On!

If there was any doubt that Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey, who called it quits back in June, are now back together, well, this would sort of be it!

Following a make-out session last week, the sexy pair are making no attempts to hide their rekindled romance, according to the ever-reliable OK!.

Heck, earlier this afternoon, as a matter of fact, Nick and Vanessa grabbed lunch - and each other! - at the N.Y. City comfort food favorite Duke’s.

Witnesses say the couple were holding hands over the table as they ate and chatted. “They’re definitely back on,” one witness said of their behavior.

Last weekend, the former husband of Jessica Simpson and former MTV VJ made news by locking lips at a club. It's so back on, it's not even funny.

It's only a matter of time until we see Part II of this classic pool display ...

Pool Sex

Vanessa Mannillo climbs atop Nick Lachey. In the pool. Hot.


Megan Fox: I Have Mental Problems

This actually isn't very funny.

Sure, Megan Fox says some crazy, hilarious things sometimes. Like stating that women have power over men due to the sheer existence of their vaginas.

But the beautiful actress is apparently aware of her offbeat mental status, so much so that she's worried about ending up like the previous generation's top sex symbol.

“I basically read every book ever written about Marilyn Monroe,” Fox told some magazine called Wonderland. “I could end up like that because I constantly struggle with the idea that I think I’m a borderline personality - or that I have bouts of mild schizophrenia. I definitely have some kind of mental problem and I haven’t pinpointed what it is.”

For the record: Monroe died of a drug overdose at age 36. She battled bipolar disorder for most of her life.

Wonderland Cover Girl

Even the biggest Megan Fox hater would likely not want her to end up like Monroe. Let's hope she gets help before it's too late.

Let's also hope she keeps posing like this in random publications. Fox might battle mild bouts of schizophrenia, but she also deals with intense bouts of hotness everyday...

In WonderlandLooking GorgeousCute OutfitGoing Mental

What a WonderGoing MentalQueen of the World!


DJ AM Laid to Rest in L.A.

Six days after his death, celebrity spinmaster DJ AM was laid to rest in a private ceremony Wednesday at Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary in L.A.

The funeral service honoring the DJ (a.k.a. Adam Goldstein), who died last week of an apparent drug overdose, was attended by family and friends.

Ocean's 11 star Scott Caan and DJ Jazzy Jeff were on hand, along with his girlfriend Haley Wood (pictured), Nicole Richie, and Joel and Benji Madden.

DJ AM's close pal Travis Barker (also pictured) was present as well:

Hayley Wood PhotoTravis Barker at DJ AM Funeral

The Blink-182 drummer - wearing dark sunglasses and a pin-striped suit with slick-backed hair - paid his respects and threw dirt on the coffin.

The service was held in the mortuary and then moved outside around 4 p.m.

A procession of cars followed the hearse to the back of one of L.A.'s most prominent Jewish cemeteries for the somber burial, which lasted 15 minutes.

A memorial for the DJ AM, who was 36, is also set for Thursday.

The event will take place at the Hollywood Palladium at 7 p.m., and "the format of the evening will be in the style of an open 12-step meeting."

"Adam's friends both from his life in recovery, as well as those from other areas of his life, are welcome," the invitation reads.

DJ AM was found dead in his apartment last Friday.


Kristi Parrales Alleges Andrew Keegan Whomping, Tire Slashing, Terror Campaign

Former teen heart throb Andrew Keegan is being accused by a model named Kristi Parrales of "launching a campaign of terror against her" for more than a year.

In court documents filed Monday in L.A. County Superior Court, Parrales says Keegan physically attacked her on two separate occasions, most recently July 4.

Kristi Parrales says Keegan "threw me across the living room in front of witnesses" and says she suffered scars on her back and bruises from the incident.

Parrales also claims the Camp Nowhere star has been rolling into her place of business recently and "calling [Kristi] names and giving [her] evil looks."

Kristi Parrales, Andrew Keegan

Kristi Parrales and Andrew Keegan in happier, non-threatening times.

Kristi claims that Keegan came back just last week, and that when she had the bouncer throw him out, the actor found her car and slashed her tires.

She asked a judge to keep Andrew Keegan 100 yards away from her.

Andrew tells TMZ that Kristi is simply a vindictive ex girlfriend. He said Kristi watched his dog this weekend while he was in Las Vegas ... and that he was still in Vegas when she claims he slashed her tires. Stay tuned there.


Phew! Megan Hauserman to Star in Another Reality TV Show

Forget Jasmine Fiore for a moment. There was another victim in the Ryan Jenkins murder/suicide rampage:

Reality star Megan Hauserman.

Due to the fact that one of the contestants on her latest series, Megan Wants a Millionaire, turned out to be a cold-blooded killer, VH1 canceled the dating competition before a winner was crowned.

Perpetual Reality Star

This left Hauserman without a reality TV vehicle for the first time in ages. But that will soon change for the former Beauty and the Geek, Rock of Love with Bret Michaels, I Love Money and Rock of Love: Charm School contestant. She's getting yet another program.

“VH1 is giving Megan her own reality show,” a source told Radar Online, adding that the network "promised Megan her own show... that’s how they bought her silence.”

Really? We're guessing her silence could have been bought with a free tanning session and a manicure.

The insider said Hauserman won't anchor another dating-themed series because, well, you saw what happened the last time she tried that. Instead, look for some sort of unscripted program that will likely involve very little clothing.


Candice Crawford-Tony Romo Dating Rumors: Sort of Confirmed!

The rumored romance between Candice Crawford, beauty queen and sister of Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford, and Dallas Cowboys star Tony Romo is now confirmed!

Or at least reported by a whole bunch of other sources!

The Chicago Sun-Times, Dallas Morning News, New York Daily News and others are saying that the football star has moved on from Jessica Simpson with Candice.

One could call her a younger, prettier and in all likelihood smarter and less annoying version of the alleged actress and singer he dated for over a year until recently.

Us Weekly even quotes a source as saying Candice Crawford is "not exactly happy that it's out [in the media], but they weren't trying to hide either." Okay then.

"They've gone out to dinner in Dallas a bunch."

Guess that means she's dating Tony Romo!

Candice Crawford Bikini PictureAntonio Ramiro Romo

Candice Crawford and Tony Romo make a cute couple.

Candice, 22, was crowned Miss Missouri 2008 (she went to school there), and is a native of Dallas along with Gossip Girl actor Chace, who's pals with Tony Romo.

Talk about mixing business and pleasure, too: She reports on high school sports for Dallas station 33TV and also hosts a weekend Dallas Cowboys sports show.

Looks like she'll be getting the inside scoop in more ways than one from now on, if you know what we mean! NOTE: We don't even know what we mean by that.


Jackson Rathbone Spills Fighting, Civil War Secrets from Eclipse

According to sources, Kristen Stewart is a "young woman in love" on the set of Eclipse.

That's great and all, but can we get an update on the actual shooting of the third Twilight Saga film?!?

Thanks to Jackson Rathbone, the answer is an Obama-like: Yes, we can! The actor that plays Jasper Hale spoke to MTV this week about his character's role in the movie. Here are excerpts from the interview:

On Jasper's Civil War backstory: I get to shoot some Civil War stuff, and I'm also going to shoot a lot of fighting scenes.

Jackson Rathbone Photo

On fighting techniques in Eclipse: We're talking about newborn vampires that can't control their urges — they can't really think very quickly. So if you just let them go to their instincts and evade and attack them from side to side, you could get them; but if you try and go after them through force, they're going to win every time. So it's all about evasion.

On the scene where Jasper becomes a vampire: It's going to be great. I've been studying up a lot on the Civil War and that era. It really was a crazy time. It was all-out war on our own turf and between countrymen... It's an interesting time to see when Jasper was actually human and what his human form was and, when he gets turned, how intense and how dark he is. Then [we'll see] his realization of what he's become, him finding Alice and being redeemed by love.

Eclipse will be released on June 30, 2010. Seven months prior to that, New Moon hits theaters on November 20.

Which are you more excited for?


Lisa Loeb and Roey Hershkovitz: Pregnant!

Lisa Loeb and Roey Hershkovitz are pregnant. Well, she is pregnant. They are expecting. However you want to put it, the newlyweds are going to be parents.

"They're excited to welcome their first child this winter," says Loeb's manager.

Lisa Loeb, 41, and Roey Hershkovitz, 31, music production supervisor for The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, met in 2006 at a business meeting and were engaged last November. They got married just a few months after that.

Lisa Loeb and Roey Hershkovitz

Lisa Loeb and Roey Hershkovitz at their wedding.

Their winter wonderland-themed wedding, featuring all-white centerpieces and tiny deer figurines, was held at Manhattan restaurant Brasserie 8 1/2 in January.

The singer said the evening was "the most fun night ever."

Loeb launched her career in 1994 with the number one single "Stay (I Missed You)." She heads up her own non-profit, the Camp Lisa Foundation, which helps underprivileged children attend summer camp. Congrats on the baby news!


Whitney Houston on GMA: A Disaster in Pictures

Some comeback performances are so moving, they leave you longing for the days of yore and simultaneously marveling at how good the stars still are.

Anyone who saw Whitney Houston on Good Morning America and its summer concert series this week knows that was not one of those comebacks. No.

Voice cracking constantly and leaning on the audience to hit the high notes, Whitney reminded us that some singing careers are better left to history.

But she still looked good at least. Click to enlarge photos of Whitney Houston below, comforted by the fact that you don't have to hear any of the "music" ...

Triumphant ReturnGood Morning America GonerVoice CrackingThumbs Definitely DownWhitney Houston Comeback

Whitney Houston's comeback begins and ends in Central Park. [Photos: Splash]

Okay, we can't resist. If you need to hear part of the Good Morning America train wreck to prove we're not being unnecessarily harsh in our critique, or because you just love seeing celebrities fail miserably, check out the video below:


Spencer & Heidi Pratt Argue Over Fake Baby Plans

After a pair of weddings in the last 12 months, are Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag headed to divorce court? If Heidi gets pregnant, Spencer says maybe.

"He said, 'That's the quickest way to divorce,'" the plastic princess told MTV News. "I said, 'No, sucker -you are officially locked in. What do you mean?'"

But Spencer Pratt says he isn't joking.

If she gets pregnant, "I told her there's a divorce or adoption," the PR guru, who says he plans on changing his name to King Spencer Pratt in the near future says. "If she's not down with the adoption, I think it's divorce."

Why doesn't he want a baby? "I'm a baby. I'm not prepared," he confesses. "And I'm not sure the world wants or needs a Spencer Pratt spawn."

That may be the first intelligent thing he's ever said.

Speidi Spawn

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag browse the kids section at Kitson to pretend to be considering having children and stir up lots of good celebrity gossip reports.

Four months after their (legal) wedding, Spencer says Heidi Montag is "trying to have a baby like it's going to buy a new pair of Louis Vuittons."

We're not sure what that means, but she says she's "ready" for kids.

"I think I was born ready," says The Hills star. "I'm very maternal."

Truly, she is. Heidi Pratt is a regular Scott Disick.

"I'm very loving. I would be the best mom ever," she continued.

"[He feels] not quite the same, but maybe he doesn't know he wants kids yet... He says that he never wants kids, but maybe I'll have a surprise for him."

Watch out, Spencer. Looks like she could be planning to go Rielle Hunter style and pull the goalie on you when you least expect it. Double bag it, man.


Celebrity Hair Affair: Jordin Sparks

We hear a lot these days about Adam Lambert, Kris Allen and the season eight finalists on American Idol. For good reason, they rule!

But let's take a moment and recognize the talented season six champion, Jordin Sparks, who has enjoyed a solid career in the spotlight since her victory in 2007.

Jordin's most impressive accomplishment? Dueting with Chris Brown on "No Air" and coming out of it without a black eye! That's not as easy as it sounds.

Over the summer, Sparks has sported a pair of contrasting hairstyles. She looks cute in both, but we're asking readers to choose their favorite. Study the photos below and then vote in our poll...

Photo of Jordin Sparks Jordin Sparks Hair


Dr. Conrad Murray: Lone Focus of Michael Jackson Homicide Investigation

Law enforcement sources say the one and only person the LAPD is focusing on in the ongoing Michael Jackson homicide investigation is Dr. Conrad Murray.

For weeks, Murray has garnered the most attention from investigators and the media outlets covering the case, as he was Jackson's personal physician.

But other Jackson doctors, including Dr. Arnold Klein, have been scrutinized by law enforcement for their role in supplying the late superstar with drugs.

Sources say that right now, however, Dr. Conrad Murray is the only person in the crosshairs in the homicide investigation surrounding Jackson's death.

Vintage MJ

Police are treating the death of Michael Jackson (1958-2009) as a homicide.

Michael Jackson died June 25 of a lethal Propofol injection administered by Dr. Murray. He has admitted this, and while he clearly did not mean to cause the death of the King of Pop, a number of factors may result in criminal charges being filed.

Among the many inconsistencies and strange actions taken by Murray on the day of Jackson's deathis the unexplained 82-minute window during which the singer was believed to have stopped breathing before anyone dialed 911.

Sources say manslaughter or even murder charges are imminent.

Other doctors are by no means in the clear, as they may be facing fraudulent prescription charges as well as consequences for prescribing to an addict.


Ashley Dupre: Sick of Being Hated on, Ignored

Eliot Spitzer, the disgraced former governor of New York State, is thinking about getting back into politics. Yeah, that's how bad his replacement is doing.

With Spitzer making a slow return to the public stage, his former mistress / call girl, Ashley Dupre, thinks she deserves a second chance too, dammit!

A second chance for attention, maybe.

Tired of being known as "woman who brought down the Governor," Dupre said "I didn’t call the tabloids, I didn’t blow the whistle and I didn’t save 'the dress.'"

Nice Monica Lewinsky reference there.

As for accusations she has been "'cashing in' on the scandal – wrong again."

She says she never sold photos of herself, posed nude, did any reality TV or sold any of her music in the wake of her career as a hooker being exposed.

This comment is:

  1. Untrue, as her crappy songs were downloaded hundreds of thousands of times online once her name was released in the sex scandal
  2. Misleading, as she certainly tried to get a reality TV show, only no one was interested, and gave a number of high-profile interviews

Call Girl Ashley Dupre

Still, Ashley Dupre says that being outed as a high-class ho has "closed far more doors than it ever opened" (fancy that) and that the real people trying to cash in are publishers, whom she dismisses as "worse than the tabloids."

She seems to imply that more than one has begged for a book deal about the “exciting life of a high-priced NYC escort,” but she took the high road.

Somehow we doubt it. But most of Ashley Dupre's rage is reserved for the women of New York City and beyond, whom she says "love to judge."

"I know many women who target guys with money and use them to get things," Dupre says. "They toy with them, flirt, go on dates, have sex and then drop hints about that new dress at the store down the street or being short on rent money."

Is what I did any more dishonest? Get real and get over yourself."

The anti-attention whore's interview ends, naturally, with a nice plug for a "Rough mix of a song I am working on that tells a little bit of my story."

Not that she's trying to cash in or anything. Heavens no.


Gloria Navarro Named Miss Cougar USA!

Seriously, that is a real event. The much-anticipated National Single Cougars Convention took place at Dinah's Garden Hotel in Palo Alto, Calif., last Friday.

Yes, really, it did.

The event, sponsored by Rich Gosse's Society of Single Professionals, began with cocktails, appetizers and presentations from some different booth sponsors.

Author Francesca Gentille and Tahil Gesyuk, her partner who is 14 years younger, spoke to a room of close to 60 cougars on relationships with younger men.

Sarah Palin Blows a Kiss

This woman was named First Runner-Up at Miss Cougar USA. Just kidding.

No word on the criteria necessary to enter one's self in the Miss Cougar USA pageant. Maybe we can learn more from that new show Cougar Town this fall.

After the presentation, the Cougar Ball began with over a hundred “cubs,” or younger men, who mingled and danced with all the singles. Society is great.

The climax of the night was the crowning of the first Miss Cougar USA (also called Miss Cougar America) which went to Gloria Navarro of Redwood Shores.

Congratulations, we guess, to Gloria Navarro.


Chris Brown on Larry King Live: The Full Interview

Chris Brown was - and still is - in love with Rihanna, he says.

But he wasn't emotionally prepared to deal with rough patches.

"I'm not saying domestic violence is a part of relationships," he said when asked by Larry King on CNN's Larry King Live. "But we're both young, nobody taught us how to love one another. No one taught us how to control our emotions, our anger."

In the gut-wrenching, hour-long interview, his first since beating Rihanna in February, Brown said all he can do is hope for a "bunch of better tomorrows."

"I've said countless times how sorry I am - to Rihanna," Brown said. "It's a night I wish I could just take back ... I feel totally ashamed of what I did."

Brown repeatedly refused to discuss the specifics of the fight and why he treated Rihanna the way he did, at one point saying he didn't even remember.

Clearly nervous, with his voice cracking, Brown just misspoke there. He was shy on details, but at the same time, didn't make excuses - nor has he ever.

Chris Brown, Larry King Photo

Chris Brown on the hot seat on Larry King Live.

"One of the interesting things about Chris, he wanted to take full responsibility for this immediately," said his attorney, Mark Geragos. "He did not want to deny what happened. There was a lot of remorse. That's unusual in my line of work."

As for the punishment he received - five years' probation, counseling and community labor - Chris Brown feels there are better ways for him to help.

"I feel like with what I'm capable of doing as far as influencing people, influencing kids, I could do a lot more to help the community other than picking up trash," he said, adding, "I'm not saying it's wrong, but there's a lot more I could do."

Geragos thinks that counseling will certainly help Brown, whom he's come to love "like a son or a nephew." Brown said "I don't think, at the end of the day, my career's over," and that he's "pretty sure [he and Rihanna] can be friends."

Follow the jump for a video of Chris Brown's full interview on Larry King Live ...


Lady Gaga, Naked (Again), Shows Off V

Here's a shocker for you. Stop the presses.

The new issue of V Magazine contains pictures of Lady Gaga naked, or at least not clothed. It's a gray area, and not just because it's black and white.

Whether you want to call them Lady Gaga nude photos or not, the images below leave little to the imagination ... except for what that is on her head:

Lady Gaga Naked PicLady Gaga Nude Pic

Lady Gaga: Naked, for the most part, and resembling a smoking rabbit.

In two separate covers of the magazine, the possible hermaphrodite dons plastic pink and blue peel off shades. We can't decide which we like more.

In other photos, she poses in a blue Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere dress and Acne shoes. Truly, she is reinventing celebrity fashion as we speak.

Click to enlarge more Lady Gaga pictures from V Magazine ...

Lady Gaga V Cover (II)Gaga in VLady Gaga Nipple SlipLady GaGa NakedLady Gaga V Cover


The Jonas Brothers in Concert: Destroying Drums, Flipping for Fans

When you look like The Jonas Brothers, you can pretty much do whatever you'd like.

During their summer tour, the talented trio has delighted fans with hits such as "Lovebug" and "Much Better," but it's their on-stage antics that have fans going wild.

Earlier this week, for example, Nick and Joe took out their aggression on an innocent set of drums. Listen to the screams of girls in attendance as the brothers violently bang away. Then again, they may just be reacting to the sight of Joe in a tanktop...

We wonder what has Nick Jonas so worked up? Perhaps the flip-flopping of a certain female Disney singer that appears to be playing multiple guys off one another?

Last month in Boston, meanwhile, the brothers jumped around on a trampoline. It's a stunt they've pulled at most tour stops over the past few weeks. It's unclear why.


Ashlee Simpson Tries, Fails to Seduce Camera in Melrose Place Promo Pic

This just in: Ashlee Simpson is not sexy.

Chalk it up to the plastic face; the overbearing father; the annoying sister; the tool of a husband; or, likely, all of the above.

But if the new Melrose Place is looking for an actress to stare seductively into the camera as part of its promotional campaign, allow us to suggest star Katie Cassidy. She's hot - and, unlike Ashlee, she's actually an actress.

The following photo, courtesy of TV Guide Magazine, demonstrates Simpson's utter lack of sex appeal:

Melrose Place Promo

Conversely, the stars of The Vampire Diaries know how to do dark and sexy. Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder may have taken their cues from the cast of the Twilight Saga, but that doesn't make them any less desirable.

If you're a fan of that film franchise, you've gotta tune in to this new CW show. It premieres on September 10.

Vampire Diaries Promo

Finally, in its fall television preview, TV Guide Magazine recommends Community, Eastwick and FlashForward. The strongest appeal of each these shows? None of them stars Ashlee Simpson.


Michelle Obama Hair Pictures Continue to Inspire

Whether she inspires criticism or compliments, debate over Michelle Obama's hair has not ceased in nearly a year and a half, nor is it likely to soon.

When the First Lady of the U.S. attended a country-music event in July without a single strand of hair falling below her jaw, the blogs went bonkers.

Her press secretary had to issue a statement that there was no Michelle haircut, just a new hairstyle. A summer look, simply "pinned up." Obviously.

Many dismiss attention paid to Michelle Obama's hair as mere celebrity gossip fodder, not unlike chatter over her sleeveless dresses, J. Crew cardigans, stocking-free legs or stunning decision to wear shorts to the Grand Canyon.

But for women, and African-Americans in particular, Michelle's hairstyles "command unique interest and carry cultural baggage," according to Time.

First Lady Hairstyle

Media and pop cultural obsession with Michelle Obama's hair is nothing new.

Widespread interest in Michelle's hairstyles took hold before her husband was even elected, and the First Lady hasn't even done anything outrageous.

Heck, her new updo wasn't really all that dramatic a departure from variations we've seen on her before (the "flip-out," the "flip-under," the "helmet").

Still, her hair is now a catalyst for debate that begins purely with style but "quickly transcends appearance and ultimately transcends Michelle herself."

Michelle Obama is, like it or not, the "preeminent African-American women's status and style symbol in terms of her beauty, acceptance and power."

All in all, we think she thrives in that weighty role. Click to enlarge the Michelle Obama pictures below and see which hairstyles you like and dislike ...

MichelleM.O. PicMichelle Obama, Curly HairMichelle Obama in WhiteMichelle Obama Graduation PhotoMichelle Obama HairMichelle O.Black, White, ObamaMichelle Obama WavesThe First LadyThe First LadyMichelle StyleThe 1st CoupleMr. and Mrs. O.Fashionable Michelle ObamaMichelle in the Garden


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