Jim Carrey’s Gonna Be A Grandad

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jim Carrey is gonna be the funniest grandpa ever! His 21 year-old daughter Jane Carrey is expecting her first baby early next year.

Jane fronts her own rock group, the Jane Carrey Band. The papa-to-be is Jane’s long-time boyfriend Alex Santana, who goes by the stage name “Nitro” with his rock band, Blood Money.

Jim Carreys Gonna Be A Grandad


David Beckham’s Son Cruz Was Named After Tom Cruise

In a new book titled “The Beckham Experiment” by Sports Illustrated writer Grant Wahl, we learn that the bromance between David Beckham and Tom Cruise runs deeper than most of us thought. To hear Becks tell it, Cruise has influenced every major decision he has made since the two met in 2003.

David Beckhams Son Cruz Was Named After Tom Cruise


Hilary Duff: A Natural Beauty

Hilary Duffs new hair style

Keeping herself in fine form, Hilary Duff was looking especially lovely as she left her West Hollywood gym on Thursday (July 9).

Showing off her natural beauty with a make-up free face, the “Cheaper By the Dozen” actress toted her favorite Prada handbag as she passed awaiting paparazzi.

Meanwhile, Miss Duff has been lining up a full schedule - as a few big announcements have been made on her behalf as of late.

Along with being nabbed to make a guest appearance on the hit CW show “Gossip Girl,” Hilary was also just named as ambassador for the local youth of Bogota, Colombia.

The 21-year-old is said to be visiting the country as a guest of honor sometime between August 1st and 15th.


Wentworth Miller On Law & Order SVU Set

Wentworth Miller

“Prision Break” star Wentworth Miller started work after joining long running TV series “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”. He goes from playing a fugitive from the law in “Prison Break” to a police officer in “Law & Order” - now he’s played both sides.

Wentworth Miller looked relaxed and was all smiles as he chatted with veteran “Law & Order: SVU” co-stars Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni.


Project Runway Season 6 Go Ahead

Project Runway

After being put on hold when NBC Universal slapped The Weinstein Co. with a lawsuit for breach of contract, and more than a month after Runway’s sixth season finale, Project Runway Season 6 is back on track to make its appearance this summer.

According to a Weinstein press representative, “All legal matters have been resolved and we are moving forward with our plans to air Project Runway on the new network. Also, season 7 will be filmed in New York City this June.”

And of course, this season according to mentor Tim Gunn, will be ” the most talented group ever” - that tired pitch for viewers to tune in but we all know that isn’t the case as the previous season had probably the most untalented bunch of designers yet on Project Runway.


Celebrity Speakers At Michael Jackson Memorial Hardly Knew Him

Michael Jackson Memorial

Many of the celebrities who turned up for the Michael Jackson Public Memorial and spoke so fondly of him either haven’t been in contact with him for years or have never even met him says Hollywood celebrity gossip news rumors mag Usmagazine.

Brooke Shields who called Michael Jackson her “true friend” hasn’t seen him in the last 18 years after attending Elizabeth Taylor’s 1991 wedding where Shields recounted how she and Michael sneaked into Taylor’s room for a sneak peak at her wedding dress.

Rapper and soul singer Queen Latifah confessed to David Letterman that “I never actually got to meet him. My partner met him because we managed Naughty by Nature and they did a remix with him. He thought I had beautiful cheekbones.”

Soul singer Usher who wept during the memorial service while performing “Gone Too Soon” performed with Jackson at his 2001 concert in Madision Square Garden but “their contact was minimal”.

Singer John Mayer who performed an instrumental of “Human Nature” at the service told Larry King he also “never met” the King of Pop. His only connection was listening to Thriller as a teen. He said the Jackson family asked him to perform.

Other celebrities who had past friendships with Michael Jackson but were no shows include Macaulay Culkin, ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley, Webster’s Emmanuel Lewis, Diana Ross and Elizabeth Taylor.


Paris Hilton Sued For $8million

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton arrives in a Miami court to answer a $8million lawsuit filed by investors of her 2006 movie “Pledge This”. No, we’ve never heard of it either. Which is why the investors are suing Paris Hilton for refusing to make appearances to promote the movie despite a contract requiring her to do so.

“During the six-month period, at no time would she take 10 minutes to do a phone interview,” attorney Bryan West, who represents the investors, said in yesterday’s opening statements.

In defence, Paris Hilton’s lawyer Michael Weinsten insisted she did numerous appearances for the movie but was unavailable to meet many requests by the film’s producers because of her extremely busy schedule.

Paris also had the right to refuse some promotion events that might harm her ‘brand’ and never agreed to plug the DVD release of the movie from December 2006 through May 2007, he said.

“Paris Hilton is a promotion machine,” Weinsten said. “For two-and-a-half years, she relentlessly promoted that movie.”

Throughout the proceedings, Paris sat quietly at the defense table during opening statements, occasionally taking notes or fiddling with her twin ponytails…LMAO. She is expected to testify next.


Who Will Be Green Lantern?

Green Lantern

According to Hollywood celebrities gossip news rumors, three are in the running for the superhero part: Justin Timberlake, Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper. How did Justin Timberlake get thrown into the mix? He must have called in some serious favors. According to the report:

Warners has spent the past five months searching for the actor to play Hal Jordan, the hot-shot Air Force pilot who is chosen by a dying alien to be his successor in an intergalactic police force known as the Green Lanterns. This week, the race narrowed to Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds and Justin Timberlake.

Green Lantern may be a goofy superhero name but his powers are quite awesome - he shoots death rays from a ring. Who do you think should get the part?




And maybe that’s not such a bad thing. When Michael was alive, Paris and her brothers Prince and Blanket never showed their faces in public for some reason and were obliged to wear masks and scarves. Now she is not only visible, but SPEAKING in front of cameras and millions of people! It IS rather odd that the Jackson family has been displaying the children so openly, but they’ve made it obvious that they don’t plan to use Michael’s child rearing habits. Now the Jackson children have hope for somewhat more normal lives.




Speculation abounds regarding the parentage of Michael Jackson’s children but perhaps the most unlikely rumor is the one where Michael’s dermatologist Dr Arnie Klein impregnated his nurse Debbie Rowe. Trust us, Michael’s genetically engineered children were carefully planned and conceived. Michael is far more likely to have chosen his idol Macaulay Culkin for a sperm donor than the affable but not particularly attractive Dr Klein. As we’ve said before, it is also highly probable that hefty Debbie Rowe is not the genetic mother – merely the surrogate baby carrier. For all we know, Michael (who was weight obsessed) might have bought eggs from a Swedish supermodel on eBay




An imaginative reader insists that Corey Feldman bears a resemblance to Michael Jackson’s oldest son Prince, and might be the secret sperm donor. (Corey and Michael were great friends for years.) We’re not so sure about this theory – what’s your opinion?



With Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson both dying on June 25, it’s no wonder that the finale of “I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here” fell by the wayside. It suddenly occurred to us that we never found out who won the title of King of the Costa Rican Jungle on that fateful day. So we looked it up. Not surprisingly, agile Lou Diamond Phillips took the crown, followed by former wrestler Torrie Wilson and ex NBA player John Salley. Lou got a tidy sum of money delivered to his favorite charity and allegedly took home around two hundred thousand dollars ( or maybe more) for himself. Nobody eats bugs just for charity.




It was quite a surprise to see that The Advocate gave a better review to “I Love You Beth Cooper” than it gave to “Bruno.” Does that mean the gay community doesn’t embrace “Bruno?” It would be a shame because “Bruno” IS the funniest scream-out-loud movie since “Borat.” Sacha Baron Cohen makes fun of EVERYONE and reactions to his outrageous character are priceless. We are still amazed that those Deliverance-type hunters even KNEW what “Sex & The City” was. Sacha is a brave man.


Harry Potter star Emma Watson suffers wardrobe malfunction at 'Half Blood Prince' London premiere

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

emma-watson.jpgEmma Watson, who plays Hermoine Granger in the massively popular Harry Potter series of films, suffered a wardrobe malfunction at the premiere of the last installment in the franchise. Watson attended the London premiere of HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE in the city's Leicester Square on Tuesday evening.

The Sun newspaper reports:

The stars got well and truly soaked as they walked the red carpet in torrential rain for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the sixth instalment of the hit franchise.

And bad weather can be a nightmare for female celebrities - as EMMA WATSON discovered last night.

The actress, who plays Hermione Grainger in the film, suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction when a gust of wind left her flashing her knickers for all to see.


Neverland to be turned into a Graceland style museum, according to reports

Michael-Jackson.jpgMichael Jackson's former residence, Neverland, is set to be turned into a Graceland type museum and attraction, according to E! News.

The Santa Barbara estate was purchased by Thomas Barrack last year when it was close to foreclosure. An Insider told the news service.

"Michael had been having financial troubles for years. The loan bought on his ranch was essentially just a hefty favour for the singer," the insider said. "Despite some of the bad memories that happened at Neverland, Michael just couldn't part with the ranch.

"He loved it. He had every intention of buying it back with the money earned over in England [during the O2 residenc


David Tennant and Sarah Harding join St. Trinian's sequel

sarah-harding.jpgDOCTOR WHO star David Tennant and Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding have joined the cast of ST. TRINIANS II: THE LEGEND OFF FRITTON'S GOLD, a sequel to the 2007 original. Variety reports the news:

The film, which is being produced and directed by Oliver Parker and Barnaby Thompson, started shooting Tuesday in and around London and at Ealing Studios. Nick Moorcroft and Piers Ashworth wrote the script.

The cast also includes Rupert Everett, Colin Firth, Gemma Arterton, Talulah Riley, Jodie Whittaker, Juno Temple, Tamsin Egerton, Celia Imrie and Fenella Woolgar, all of whom appeared in the first movie in the contemporary franchise, "St Trinian's."

The cast of "St. Trinian's II," in which the pupils and staff of the anarchic girls' school engage in a hunt for treasure and a battle against a women-hating secret society, also includes up-and-coming thesps Ella Smith, Zawe Ashton and Montserrat Lombard


The Blu-Ray Review: The Pink Panther 2


While I don't know if anyone clamored for a relaunch of the Pink Panther films without Peter Sellers, the 2006 flick with Steve Martin found a decent audience. No, its $82 million gross didn't light the box office on fire, but it demonstrated that crowds still liked Inspector Clouseau, even without the character's most popular interpreter.

That box office take also meant a sequel became inevitable - and we got that sequel in early 2009. In The Pink Panther 2, a master thief named The Tornado steals a variety of priceless treasures like the Magna Carta. Inspector Clouseau (Martin) wants to stay in France to protect the Pink Panther diamond, but he receives the order to go to Japan and participate in a "Dream Team" of detectives.


New Set of Britney Spears Candie's Ads Revealed

Britney Spears revives her role as the new Candie's pitchwoman with a new set of sexy, albeit slightly strange and heavily-airbrushed ads for the brand.

Between this and her new Radar music video, we are starting to think Britney Spears has a bit of a horse fetish going on. Wonder what that's all about...

Horse Fetish

What this is supposed to make you want to buy is anyone's guess. Either way, Britney Spears sure is looking good these days. Retouching really does wonders!

Britney recently took over for Hayden Panettiere as the face of the clothing line for 'tweens and teens, which is only available at Kohl's department stores.

These clothes may help girls everywhere send age-inappropriate sexy signals, but at least Bristol Palin is the new Candie's Foundation's "ambassador" to "raise awareness" about teen pregnancy, so that's sure to balance things out nicely.


Dane Cooks brother robbed him


Dane Cook’s half brother, Darryl McCauley, has been accused of stealing as much as 11 million dollars from the comedian. His brother was his manager and in charge of Dane’s finances since the early 90’s. McCauley was originally arrested for forging a 3 million dollar cheque, but now they’ve discovered more than 11 million dollars of stolen Dane money. Wow. Two things are inetresting about this: 1) If you can’t trust family, who can you trust? and 2) Dane Cook has so much money that he almost didn’t notice 11 million dollars??? Forget being a movie star! Comedy is where it’s at people!


Christiano Ronaldo’s Dream Come True


It is now official for Christiano Ronaldo: He is a memeber of the Real Madrid Club de F├╣tbol. “For me, I have made my childhood dream a reality” said the soccer star at his official team presentation in Madrid yesterday. Ronaldo, 24, has signed a contract worth 94 million euros over 6 years. That’s 131 million dollars at around 21.8 million a year. You can stop praying now Christiano, you’re covered. That’s more than enough money for hair gel.


Bradley Cooper must still be drunk, not hungover…


The Hangover star Bradley Cooper has used his fame for personal gain in his love life. Unfortunately, the fame has messed uo his eyesight. After being linked to Cameron Diaz, then his He’s Just Not That Into You co-star Jennifer Anniston, Cooper was spotted out for dinner withe the ghostly Renee Zellweger? That’s quite the drop off in my opinion. Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Anniston are among the top earning romantic comedy actresses, perfect for Bradley who’s summer hit has raised his status as a leading man. Next on his list shoul have been Kate Hudson, or even Katherine Heigl, but not Pale as can be Renee. Time to sober up Bradley.


Phil Mickelson’s Wife & Mother Both Diagnosed With Cancer


Professional golfer Phil Mickelson has just received word that his wife AND his mother have tested positive for cancer. The two time Masters tournament winner has yet to reveal what type of cancer or their chances of survival. We hope they both make a speedy recovery.


Paris Hilton loses a BFF, regains a BF


Paris Hilton is mourning the loss of one of the finalists from her (surprising) hit TV show, Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend. Kat Mckenzie died on Friday at age 25. The heiress took to her twitter and wrote “It is devastating to hear of her loss, my thoughts and wishes go out to her friends and family. Love you Kitty Kat. RIP”. The reasons for her death are unknown, but Paris must have needed a shoulder to cry on, because reports have it that she’s back with ex- boyfriend Doug Reinhardt. The couple are said to be working on their romance, and hope to have a long future together….long in celeb terms, at least. Good luck! I give it 2 months, then Paris launches a show in the U.S. to search for a new B.F…..then launches one in Britain….then one in Dubai…


Pappu burned the Dancefloor

Imran Khan who made “Pappu Cant Dance Saala” an anthem has two left feet himself. Imran Khan would like to avoid naach gaana if he possibly can. But, he took a chance and matched steps with Shruti Haasan for their forthcoming adventure thriller, ‘Luck’.

Director Soham Shah was keen that Khan shake a leg with Haasan to a special track Jee Le, recorded by Salim Sulaiman. But just before the shoot he developed cold feet. After being convinced by choreographer Remo, Imran gave his best shot and the results were mindblowing. Soham Shah confirmed, “When he heard our track, he though he would just have to rap to the tune but when he saw Remo’s choreography, he wasn’t too sure. But After a two day rehearsal, we started shooting the song and the result is there to see. When Imran decides to so something, he does it so well.”


Talk of Donations Continues as the Jackson Memorial Wraps Up

Michael Jackson, Memorial, Police, Staples Center John Moore/Getty Images

Now that the Michael Jackson memorial has come and gone, people are still waiting to find out just how much the celebration cost the city of Los Angeles.

The event was projected to surpass the LAPD's "extraordinary events" budget by an upwards of $3.5 million, but at last Friday's press conference, acting mayor Jan Perry reached out the city for financial assistance in honoring Jackson.

Today Perry revealed that fans have been generously making donations to help LA cover memorial expenses.

"I've received e-mails that are really kind of touching because they're obviously coming from fans," says Perry. "They're very sweet, saying things like, `I can give $10, $25 and I can organize my friends.'"

While some taxpayers have been adamant about money being spent frivolously during the economic downturn, Perry alludes to a bit of positive news regarding the exact number of donations received, stating: "I think there will be a significant announcement that we'll be able to make in the next day or so."

It has also been rumored that some of the donations have come from Jackson's famous friends and wealthy corporate sponsors, but Perry declined to comment on the extra source of funds.

Perry and city officials want to make known that even though the Staples Center festivities have passed donations are still greatly appreciated. In fact, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa took to his Twitter, Facebook and official website with the appeal, which reads:

"Help the city of Angels provide the extraordinary public safety resources required to give Michael the safe, orderly and respectful memorial he deserves. If you're a Michael fan, consider giving a small donation to help us celebrate his extraordinary life and music."

And if the sympathy approach doesn't tug at your purse strings, there's always the old push that all donations are tax-deductible.


Celebrity Fashion Face-Off: Rihanna vs. Jessica Alba

When two stars of this magnitude go head to head in a celebrity fashion clash, there is no telling who will emerge victorious. Until you vote on it, that is.

Rihanna hit the streets of N.Y.C. for a day of shopping in her J Brand "Zombie" jeans, while Jessica Alba flaunted her new locks in similarly ripped pants.

Who wore the look better, the singer and part-time tattoo artist or the hot mom and part-time actress? Tell us below in our little informal survey ...



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