Jerry Hall opens up about ‘womanizer’ Mick Jagger in autobiography

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Actress Jerry Hall has described her ex-hubby Mick Jagger as ‘a dangerous sexual predator’ who replaced his drug addiction with sex in her long awaited autobiography.
She has revealed that Jagger repeatedly cheated on her during their 23-year relationship.
In an extract of her autobiography, Hall reveals how Jagger seduced her as a teenager while engaged to Bryan Ferry.
The 54-year-old says she was never able to change the frontman’s womanising ways.
But despite his infidelity, Hall reveals her enduring love for the man who was gentle and charming and had a ‘talent for feelings’.
Hall also describes in detail for the first time how Jagger persuaded her to start an affair with him while she was engaged to Ferry.
Hall reveals how she left Ferry after a passionate holiday in Morocco with Jagger.
“Mick was so confident and cool – he didn’t give a hoot what people though of him,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.
“I knew he had a reputation as a womaniser, but I was hopeful. I had got him to quit heroin – I could get him to give up girls as well.
“But I couldn’t – I knew he was not the forgiving type and I was already too much in love with Mick.
“I had weaned him off drugs, but they had been replaced by sex and he had never had proper treatment,” she said. (ANI)


Family is most important for Ben Affleck

Actor Ben Affleck has revealed that his family is the most important thing to him.
The actor has said that as much as he enjoyed the challenge of both starring in and directing his new film, ‘The Town’, he is driven by his family rather than his work.
“It’s a cliche, but it really is my family and my kids that make me happier than anything has,” Sky News quoted him as saying.
“This movie has been wonderful and I’ve been thrilled but these things come and go at the end of the day, it’s really the family that’s most important,” he said.
He admits that since he had two daughters with his actress wife Jennifer Garner, the ladies have mellowed him in his life.
“I’m very lucky to find myself where I am so I just knock wood every day” he said.
‘The Town’, which also stars Jeremy Renner John Hamm and British actor Pete Postlethwaite is released in the UK this weekend. (ANI)


New Lauren Conrad Reality Show Confirmed

From Laguna Beach to The Hills to ... the boardroom?
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lauren Conrad is set to return to MTV in a new reality show chronicling the budding fashion designer's quest to create a new line of evening wear and builds a fashion house from the ground up.
Certainly a departure from clubbing at Les Deux ...
New LC Clothes
"I'm so excited to take on this new project that really focuses on my true passion," Conrad confirms. "I'm happy to be partnering with MTV because I have such an amazing relationship with them and love being a part of the network."
Berman Braun will be producing LC's new reality series.
"We are so excited to be working with Lauren again," Tony DiSanto, president of programing at MTV, said yesterday. "She is family, we are very proud of her."
"When we shot the test tape for Laguna Beach she was 17, now she's a mogul."
With the third installment of her L.A. Candy novel series due out next month, the N.Y. Times best-selling author has already established herself in the fashion and literary worlds since ditching The Hills. Are you excited to see her back on TV?
We're just glad Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag don't have a new show ... yet.


Octomom Won't Get Naked to Pay the Mortgage

A huge Los Angeles Lakers fan, she's also parting ways with a signed Kobe Bryant jersey. That item was of interest to many spectators and sold for a whopping $120.
Other items include the couch she sat on when she announced she was pregnant, a red bra with gummy bear stains on it, lingerie, her kids' old clothes and so forth.
Nadya Suleman also made money at the event by charging $10 to have a photo taken with her. It'll take a lot of photos to get to half a million bucks, but way to go.
"I know Octomom was doing this for her kids but it was still sad to see her put her belongings up for sale," onlooker Raymond Powell told Radar Online. "I wish her the very best and hope she and her kids can somehow save their home."
NOTE: Do not have 14 kids if you have no job. The math doesn't add up.


Lindsay Lohan "Serious" About Rehab, Recovery

Her struggles are well documented, but Lindsay Lohan is, like, so serious about getting clean this time. Well, at least according to Lindsay Lohan's publicist.
Although she relapsed just weeks after checking out of rehab on August 24, leading to another brief jail stint Friday, she is confident she can bounce back.
A source close to the wreck says "she will step up her treatment and do more than what she was previously ordered to do." THG? Not holding its breath.

On the Move to Jail
Lohan en route to her daily hearing. [Photo:]
The source says Lohan plans to voluntarily check herself back in to rehab in the coming days. Wow, look at her taking initiative. What is this, the fifth time?
The actress was released on bail from a Lynwood, Calif., jail late Friday night after winning an appeal to be granted bail following her two failed drug tests.
For now, Lohan has been ordered to wear a SCRAM alcohol monitor bracelet once more and must also avoid places "where alcohol is the chief item of sale."
She faces a probation violation hearing on October 22, where she could potentially face more jail time for the positive drug test in her ongoing DUI case.


Danielle Staub Will Get Whacked, Kevin Maher Predicts

She's a prostitute, she's a porn star, and she's also the mother of two. - Kevin Maher on ex-wife Danielle Staub
On her upcoming WealthTV show, Danielle Staub will take viewers into the lives of the ultra rich and famous. But, in reality, no series could possibly be any more interesting than the life of Staub herself.
The former Real Housewife of New Jersey is being sued by ex-husband Kevin Maher because he's upset she accused him of rape and other evil deeds. In an interview with E! News, Maher said October 5 will be Danielle's day of reckoning, as her court-mandated deposition will expose the truth about this "pathological liar."
Is Danielle Staub's time on this planet almost up? [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline]
Now, Maher is saying A LOT more about his ex.
"It's not safe being around her," he told that same network, referring to the fact that Staub turned on a member of a Colombian drug cartel. "She's a very dangerous woman. I am of the belief that she will get murdered."
Among other allegations, Staub has said Maher killer her dog and forced himself insider her... on top of broken glass.
"It was a horrific thing being called a rapist," Maher said. "She did that in a calculating, diabolical way to hurt me... What kind of woman would make those allegations?. Look at what she is: She's a prostitute, she's a porn star, and she's also the mother of two."
Referring to Danielle's history as a drug-dealing hooker (she has admitted to being a "call girl), Maher concluded:
"The Medellin drug cartel did not forget what she did and they are outraged that she had the nerve to go on national television, flaunt her wealth. And basically, what she's saying when she did that is, ‘It's OK, everyone that is thinking of flipping on the Medellin drug cartel, just look at me. I'm living the good life here. I have my own television show. They didn't touch me.'
"I think that sends a dangerous signal to everyone who is thinking about informing on the drug cartel or turning them in."
Watch the interview now:


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