In Hard Times, Heidi Montag Must Defend Herself

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Short on cash to pay for security and worried about the dangers this world may throw at her, Heidi Montag is dedicating all her efforts to self-defense.
“I can’t afford security, so I practice self defense and chain punching,” she tells Radar Online, noting that she's learning martial arts to protect herself.
Although she used to have a posse of bodyguards on hand, as her breasts have ballooned, she and husband Spencer Pratt have fallen on lean times.

Gettin' it LOOSE
GETTING LIMBER: Heidi preps with some yoga. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]
“I have spent millions in security in the last four years because I had to take care of the cost myself. It’s crazy and it’s hard, but life is not always fair."
Poor baby, blowing untold sums of money on wholly unnecessary things. Surely her plastic surgery obsession didn't factor into her financial woes at all.


Taylor Swift Named EW Entertainer of the Year

Talk about an impressive feat: Taylor Swift has been named Entertainer of the Year... for the second consecutive time!
Following the Associated Press honoring the singer with this distinction in 2009, Entertainment Weekly has done the same for 2010.

EW Entertainer of the Year
What has Taylor done to earn this title from EW? Only begin the year with a number-two single debut (“Today Was a Fairytale”), a hit movie (Valentine’s Day), and a quartet Grammy wins, including Album of the Year.
She also headlined a series of arena concerts and sold over one million copies of the album "Speak Now."


Evelyn Lozada on Chad Ochocinco Engagement: YAY!

Evelyn Lozada may star on Basketball Wives - returning to VH1 with new episodes on December 12!!! - but this reality star has never actually been wife.
She can't wait for that to change, however, as she gushed to People this week over her engagement to NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco.
"He gets who I am, supports my dreams and loves me unconditionally," she told the magazine. "I just knew he was the one from me."
Evelyn Lozada Pic
While a source claims "Evelyn has been dying to have kids and is looking forward to starting a family with Ocho," the impending football wife didn't touch on that subject here.
Instead, she simply said: "I couldn't be happier with my engagement to Chad. Our friendship is true love and respect and is unlike anything that I have ever experienced." 
What truly beautiful words. We wish Chad and Evelyn and their six-month marriage all the best.


Angelina Jolie Hits Back at Sarajevo Haters

Angelina Jolie paused from plugging her new film with Johnny Depp (watch The Tourist trailer) to hit back at critics of her upcoming directorial debut.
The Oscar winner lashed out at the Bosnian haters who have called her ignorant and sought to block her from shooting her film in the country.
"There's one person who has a gripe. The majority of the population, the cast, the president, have been extremely supportive," Jolie said in Paris.

Beautiful Ange
A number of people were upset after hearing the still-untitled film's plot dealt with a Bosnian Muslim woman who falls in love with her Serbian soldier rapist.
The storyline from the film set during the 1990s war turned out to be a rumor, and a false one at that, but their protests were enough to spark controversy.
The outcry even prompted officials to cancel the star's film permit, citing insufficient paperwork, only to reissue in days later. But has she already moved on?


Britney Spears' Rep Denies Jason Trawick Abuse Story, Alleged Tape Recording in Statement

As you've probably heard, Britney Spears has been hit with serious allegations from Star and Radar Online, both of which claim the star's boyfriend abused her.
Britney purportedly called her ex-husband, Jason Alexander, to tell him about a beating she suffered at the hands of Jason Trawick. He has a recording of this.
Now, both Spears' manager, Larry Rudolph, and Trawick himself have strongly denied the allegations in a statement issued wide and posted on Britney’s site.

Jason Trawick and Britney Picture
The statement by Spears' reps reads as follows:
“Every aspect of the story published by Star Magazine is completely and utterly false and Star Magazine was informed of the falsity before it was published.”
“The statements attributed to Jason Alexander are a complete fabrication as Britney has not had any form of communication with Mr. Alexander in years."
"The audio recording posted on Radar Online purporting to be between Britney Spears and Jason Alexander is so obviously fake as to be laughable."
"Suffice it to say, that Jason Trawick has never laid a hand on Britney."


THG Asks: Should Lindsay Lohan Appear on Dancing With the Stars?

Welcome to THG's new feature, in which two of our celebrity gossip experts debate topical issues in the entertainment world and you decide who wrote the winning argument!
Today, THG Asks: Should Lindsay Lohan Appear on Dancing With the Stars?
YES by Free Britney
Dancing With the Stars has resurrected careers for years. With Lindsay Lohan, they'd not only have a buzz-worthy star, but a lock for the redemption angle.
When I heard DWTS was courting LiLo, I was skeptical. Is she ready for the spotlight so soon, I wondered. But what better start to her post-rehab life?
This is a girl once known for family-friendly projects. Now that she's really turning a corner in her troubled life, she can endear herself to 20 million people.
Whether it's fans' first look at Lohan 2.0, or a welcome comeback by the adorable Parent Trap star, she can actually dance, giving her a leg up on Bristol!

The Dance
NO by Hilton Hater
Lindsay Lohan should not go Dancing with the Stars for one reason: she'd win in a landslide. Seriously, check out "Jingle Bell Rock" choreography in Mean Girls.
But even more seriously: DWTS is viewed by over 20 million people a week. While the resumes of its "Stars" may often be thin, at least these contestants are known for SOMEthing in their professional field. (Okay, except Bristol Palin.)
Sadly, Lindsay isn't known as anything but a train wreck at this point. The acting boat sailed about two drug arrests ago. How would ABC even describe her? Lindsay Lohan, Professional Rehabber? Not an example such a popular show should set.
THG Asks you ... should Lindsay go on DWTS? Who made the winning case?


Lady GaGa's New Music Release Date Announcement

She’s always looking ahead to what’s next, and for Lady GaGa that means she’s on the precipice of a new music release.
The “Bad Romance” babe informed her fanbase that they’ll receive her first single from her forthcoming album Born This Way in the New Year.


Nicole Kidman: "Rabbit Hole" Sneak Peek!

With its release approaching on December 17th, a new sneak peek clip for “Rabbit Hole” has hit the web.
Titled "Another Angel," the scene features Nicole Kidman lashing out during a support group meeting in an emotional sequence.


Britney Spears: Beaten By Jason Trawick?

In a bizarre audio recording featuring Britney Spears, the star seemingly admits that boyfriend Jason Trawick beat her.
Star Magazine, who just released the audio, is reporting that in a conversation between the “I’m a Slave 4 U” singer and former husband, Jason Alexander, she reveals that her former agent hit her in the eye.


Sienna Miller: World AIDS Day Dame

Always an avid supporter of social causes, Sienna Miller was spotted at the World AIDS Day shindig in London, England today (December 1).
The “Factory Girl” actress looked excited to light the ‘London Eye’ red as she kept warm in a black winter jacket.


Emma Watson’s Christmas Message

Ever the gracious celebrity, Emma Watson took to her website with a video message for her loyal fans.
The “Harry Potter” hottie gave a review of the past year and thank everyone for their love and support.


Kate Gosselin: Big Apple Christmas Shopper

Taking care of her holiday shopping list, Kate Gosselin was spotted at American Girl in New York City today (December 1).
The reality television star looked to be having a blast as she showed off her finds as the paparazzi gathered ‘round.


Heather Locklear Hospitalized for Bacterial Infection

Taking care of some health issues, Heather Locklear has checked into a Los Angeles hospital recently.
The “Melrose Place” babe released a statement through her rep, saying that she’s fighting a bacterial infection.


Angelina Jolie and Knox: Aquarium Adorable

Taking a break from promotional efforts to dote on her youngest son, Angelina Jolie was spotted out with Knox in Paris, France on Wednesday (December 1).
The lovely actress, who's in town promoting her upcoming movie "The Tourist," toted her little one in her arms as they visited the local aquarium while Knox carried a stuffed shark in his arms.


Celebrities to Spurn Twitter, Facebook For Charity

Monday, November 29, 2010

Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and Usher are going dark.
All in the name of charity. The aforementioned foursome and others are signing off Twitter and Facebook Tuesday until they raise $1 million for World AIDS Day.
Keys' charity, Keep A Child Alive, is staging a campaign that will have celebs such as Lady GaGa, Justin Timberlake, and Usher signing off of all social media.

Peace, Usher!
PEACE OUT: Donate money or Usher won't be back on Twitter!
The "Digital Life Sacrifice" will feature the stars' filming "last tweet and testament" videos which will show them lying coffins to represent their "digital death."
"It's really important and super-cool to use mediums that we naturally are on," Keys said. "It's so important to shock you to the point of waking up."
"It's not that people don't care or it's not that people don't want to do something, it's that they never thought of it quite like that. This is direct, instantly emotional way, a little sarcastic too, as a way to get people to pay attention."


Brooke Mueller Claims to Be Happy, Healthy

Over the weekend, reports surfaced that Brooke Mueller was downing a lot more than cranberry sauce.
Photos of Charlie Sheen's ex-wife were taken of her exiting a hotel, looking disheveled and, reportedly, on her way to rehab. But Mueller has now shot down this claim as "ridiculous" and added: "I am happy and healthy."
She also really is filming an Oxygen reality show with Paris Hilton. That remains hard to fathom.
Brooke Goes Public
Of course, if Mueller was out drinking, it would be easy to understand. She should be celebrating every second she has free from Sheen and his wild, dangerous lifestyle.
But a source tells Us Weekly she is "clean and sober. Everything is going really well for her. She is focusing on the twins and being a good mom. She is really excited about her new show with Paris."
Well, sure. If there's any guaranteed way to remain sober and focused on raising two young children, it's by filming a reality series with Paris Hilton.


Lindsay Lohan is Smoking Hot!

Lindsay Lohan looked smoking hot (or at least smoking while looking semi-hot) as she checked into an alcohol counseling meeting Sunday in Palm Springs, Calif.
Looking fresh-faced and more glamorous than we've seen in months, the rehabbing actress wore a cardigan and t-shirt with dark jeans and knee high boots.
Seriously, if you can get past the cancer stick, she looks great!

Smoking, Hot Lohan
SMOKIN': Lindsay Lohan certainly is ... if only literally.
Whether she's relaxing over coffee, attending AA meetings or spending the holidays with previously estranged family members, she's doing so much better lately.
Can she revive her career? That's uncertain. But here are some recent Lindsay Lohan pictures showing just how far she's come. Take a look below, then tell us ...
On the Down LoA Happy ShopperSome Retail TherapyBound For AALo-Ho-Ho
[Photos: Fame Pictures, Pacific Coast News]


The Real Housewives of Atlanta Welcome Mr. Luscious, Share Sex Stories

Who likes anal sex? Who could go for just a tad bit of oral? These answers and a lot more await readers who peruse our intern's latest recap of The Real Housewives of Atlanta...
Talk about a booming episode! Kandi has moved her Kandi Koated Nights webcast over to her boutique, TAGS, for some self-promotion.  Nene, Kim and Sheree are her guests on a particularly raunchy segment.  Cynthia even shows up to get sex tips. But the girls got more than they bargained because Kandi apparently is getting her jollies these days by asking freakier and freakier questions.  
What's your freak number? Have you ever peed on anyone?  Sheree's willing to experiment, so she's a 9.  Kim doesn't mind anal, so that makes her a 7.  Nene's into just a little oral, so she's a 3. Cynthia's a 6.  The girls are then treated to a triple X visit from Mr. Luscious, a Hulk-like chocolate stripper with a humongous "sock."

Mr. Luscious
Cynthia takes 50-year-old Peter and her personal stylist to meet with Tony Conway, Atlanta's top celebrity event planner, to discuss her dream wedding. 
Going for a silver-and-chocolate themed, candle-lit evening motif with a mix of antique and modern, the planner promises 50-year-old Peter that he'll keep the budget under one million.  Gotta make it extra special for Cynthia... and Atlanta, of course!


Willie Nelson Arrested For Marijuana Possession

Legendary singer Willie Nelson was busted over the weekend in Texas for possession of six ounces of marijuana. Wait ... Willie Nelson smokes pot? Who knew.
Nelson’s tour bus pulled into a routine checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Tex. and in an astonishing feat of law enforcement, an officer noticed a familiar herb smell.
Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West said: “It’s kind of surprising, but I mean we treat him like anybody else." And by surprising, he probably means not at all.
Willie Nelson Pic
It wasn't Willie Nelson's first drug bust. Nor will it be the last.
As much of a joke as this sounds like, a criminal defense attorney in Austin says six ounces of pot could get Willie six months minimum and up to two years.
But Bruce Margolin, director of the L.A. chapter of NORML, thinks he has a defense that could spring the 77-year-old crooner by tracing the weed to Cali.
Specifically, Nelson can claim he forgot the California-grown pot was on the bus. The Golden State is cool with medicinal marijuana, after all. Stay tuned.


Justin Bieber Angers X Factor Viewers, Accused of "Terrible" Miming

After spending Thanksgiving in New York City, Justin Bieber crossed the Atlantic this weekend and gave fans in Great Britain a treat...
... but many felt as if they'd been tricked.
The 16-year old icon performed on X Factor in England, though the Twitter-verse lit up soon after his appearance with talk that Justin ripped off British viewers by "miming" his renditions of "Baby" and "Somebody to Love." Tweeted a couple followers:
I am a massive fan of Justin Bieber - just pretty gutted he mimed on The X Factor!... Justin Bieber = Justin Mimer! Terrible performance on X Factor!
Do you agree with these assessments? Watch the following performance video, which is followed by an interview Bieber gave on the show:


Should Susan Boyle Sing at the Royal Wedding?

He's already a reality show judge and record producer. But Simon Cowell is looking to add another title to his resume: wedding planner.
Speaking to Extra, Cowell offered up an idea for who should sing at the royal nuptials between Prince William and Kate Middleton.
"Susan Boyle would be perfect," said the former American Idol panelist, adding that Boyle's "I Dreamed a Dream" would be the ideal wedding song for the pair.

SuBo with FlowersGreeting the Public
As the world knows by now, William and Kate got engaged last month and have scheduled their exchanging of vows to take place at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011. Billions are expected to watch on television.
Would Boyle be able to handle that pressure? Do you think she'd made a good choice to sing at the reception?


Rachel Uchitel Speaks on Celebrity Rehab Stint, Battle With "Love Addiction"

In a rare TV interview, Tiger Woods' famed mistress Rachel Uchitel spoke on the Today Show about her addiction to love and how that led her astray.
Appearing alongside her Celebrity Rehab mentor, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Rache promoted her stint on the VH1 program and explained why she went on it.
"I knew that I needed help," Uchitel, who claims she went on the program to deal with her love addiction. "And I wanted to get it from Dr. Drew."

Love Addict
Uchitel she needs help ... and had some lip injections.
The 35-year-old all-pro mistress also said she was being treated for addiction to Ambien and other prescribtion medications, which she did not identify.
Dr. Dew said Rachel Uchitel's condition is partly triggered by traumatic events in her past, such as the premature deaths of her father and fiance Andy.
She was set to get married before he perished in the 9/11 attacks.


Anne Hathaway and James Franco to Host Academy Awards?

If Anne Hathaway wears what she donned for a recent EW photo shoot at next year's Academy Awards, we think the following news is nothing short of exhilarating:
According to Deadline Hollywood, Hathaway and James Franco are near-locks to host the 2011 Oscars. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has  made the offer to these stars and it "looks like" both have accepted, reports that trade.

Hathaway Picture James Franco Image
Both actors are starring in new films, with Franco considered a front-runner for Best Actor based on his portrayal of Aron Ralston in 127 Hours.
Assuming Hathaway and Franco officially accept the honor, it would mark the first time in history a pair of current, mainstream movie stars host the ceremony. What do you think of this choice?


Celebrity Hairstyle Showdown: Pink vs. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga knows a thing or two about sporting gray hair. If there's anyone who could make that a fashionable look in their mid-20s, it's the Gaga.
No one else would even try it, right? Pink begs to differ.
The newly-pregnant singer rocked the gray coiffure herself this weekend, offering her challenge to the Lady. Whose gray is the greatest? Vote:

Who looks better with gray hair, Pink or Lady Gaga?


Bristol Palin's DWTS Secret Weapon: Prayer

Sunday, November 28, 2010

ristol Palin finished third on the Dancing with the Stars finale.
Considering the scrutiny and controversy she fought through - not to mention her lack of experience dancing - it's pretty darn impressive for the 20-year-old.
Her secret to overcoming all that adversity? Prayer.

Bristol and Ballas
Palin, who fell just short behind Kyle Massey and winner Jennifer Grey on last night's finale, drew ire from some fans for advancing despite relatively low scores.
"It is faith that got me through this, just praying all the time and just relying on God and knowing that He is on our side and we'll get through this," she said.
"Just persevere, have confidence, and be willing to go try new things," she said, asked what she'll take away from this. "I've grown so much as a person."
She's come along way since dating Levi Johnston. Follow the jump to see Bristol and Mark, along with their fellow finalists, on The View ...


Police to Question Denise Richards Over Alleged Charlie Sheen Harrassment

Even in divorce, Denise Richards can't get away from the mayhem Charlie Sheen leaves in his drunken wake.
Because the actor's ex-wife was actually present at dinner on the night Sheen allegedly went ballistic and eventually threatened the life of Capri Anderson - the porn star has said Richards left when she saw the evening turning into a night of "floozies" - police have contacted the actress.
Richards was also sleeping in the Plaza Hotel room across from her ex when cops arrived on the scene. She reportedly entered at some point and could have spotted evidence to be used in an investigation.

DeniseTotally TRASHEDStripping Star
Two women, half a man.
Sources tell TMZ Denise plans to "fully cooperate."
Meanwhile, a police spokesman spoke to E! News and gave some background on just what the NYPD is looking into, based on charges Anderson has brought against her one-time date.


Christy Martin, Boxing Legend, Accuses Husband of Shooting and Stabbing Her

Christy Martin is a boxing legend, the first female in her sport to cover Sports Illustrated. But now this brawler is truly in for the fight of her life...
... against both death and her husband.
Chrissy Martin on SI
Martin, who once appeared on the undercard of a Mike Tyson match, is recovering in a Florida hospital after being shot and stabbed yesterday.
While details are still coming in, TMZ reports the boxer stumbled out of her home after the incident, flagged down a car and was taken to get care by a passing motorist. Despite her injuries, Martin told authorities the man behind the attack was her 66-year-old husband and trainer, James Martin.
Police are now on the hunt for the man who made the mistake of thinking Christy Martin could be knocked out so easily.


Michael Lohan: Lindsay Wasn't Fired, She Quit!

Michael Lohan is slamming the director of Inferno, Matthew Wilder, for lying about firing Lindsay from the lead role in his upcoming Linda Lovelace biopic.
Celebuzz talked to Michael who claims that, in no uncertain terms, "Lindsay left Inferno. Wilder can shove it up his butt. She didn't want to do that movie."
"He's full of it. He was trying to ride our coattails."

Begging For it
ADVENTURES OF MILO: Today's task? Defend daughter's name!
Lindsay Lohan's highly-anticipated lead role in Inferno had been in limbo after failing drug tests, spending a few weeks in jail and landing in rehab indefinitely.
This caused shooting to be delayed, at which point Wilder said he let Lohan go and replaced her with Malin Akerman. It made sense ... but MiLo's crying foul.


THG Presents: The 10 Biggest Turkeys of 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all from The Hollywood Gossip!
What would this holiday be without family, food, football and reflection upon the things we appreciate most ... in the case of THG, that means some of the bird-brained celebs we've had the privilege of covering in the past year.
Without further ado, THG's Top 10 Turkeys of '10 ...

Spencer Pratt Turkey
We may rename this the Spencer Pratt Thanksgiving Turkey Award.
10. Barack Obama. The good will and immense popularity enjoyed by the President at the start of his White House term eroded fast, leaving in its wake a deeply polarized electorate and a Congress destined for partisan gridlock.

9. Jake Pavelka. Lame stints on The Bachelorette, The Bachelor and DWTS were enough to overcook this turkey, but his televised breakup special with fake fiancee Vienna Girardi was the year's reality TV douchepocalypse.
8. The Kardashians. Sure, they're harmless, but there's so darn many of these girls. Mix in a hearty helping of Scott Disick and we're just burned out.


Fashion Face-Off: Leighton Meester vs. Snooki

Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester normally gets high marks for her fashion. Here, her top may or may not double as a fishing net ... economical at least.
Then we have Snooki. Sure, that thing looks straight off the Dancing With the Stars discard rack, but at least her cooca's not on display. Small victories.
Of these two very different celebs, whose style do you like better? Whose bright colors and sparkles do it for you? Vote in our fashion face-off below!
Who looked better, Leighton Meester or Snooki from Jersey Shore?


Taylor Swift Speaks on 50 Cent, Turning 21 and More

Taylor Swift and Chelsea Handler have something in common: an affection for 50 Cent.
But while the latter may possess carnal knowledge of this rapper, the former simply likes his music.
"When we're on tour, we have all three girls - the backup singer, the fiddle player, and me in one room - and we all warm up to 50 Cent music," Taylor told Chelsea during an interview this week. "It would be surprising how many lyrics I know."

Later in the discussion, talk turned to Swift's 21st birthday. It takes place on December 13.
"I'll get to go to the concerts that my friends go to and leave me at home for," she said. "It's sort of like 'Oh, we can't bring the baby because it's a 21 and over show.' I don't want to be that girl where you like try to get in somewhere where you're too young to get in."
In conclusion, Swift dished on what it's been like to live by herself for the first time.
"Living alone you can do so many fantastic things, I've learned! You can like, walk around have conversations with yourself, and like sing your thoughts."


Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz: Back On?

A month after parting ways, are Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez back on? It looks like it after they were spotted getting cozy over dinner in West Hollywood.
"They looked super couple-y," an insider told Us about the actress and New York Yankees slugger. "Cameron was holding his hand and kept nuzzling him."
Friends say the reconciliation shouldn't come as a surprise.
ARod on the Red CarpetCam Diaz
CAMROD: Are Rodriguez and Diaz back together?
"They break up and get back together all the time," notes a source close to Diaz and A-Rod, who parted ways in October because "they needed some space."
Maybe they got too much space and couldn't resist each other?
While the actress was recently linked with Glee star Matthew Morrison - the two hung out at L.A. lounge Bardot - that fling has since sizzled, so stay tuned!


Kate Gosselin on Troubled Kids: The Pressure is Getting to Them!

In the wake of two of her children getting expelled from school, Kate Gosselin went on record, discussing the situation personally for the first time with ET.
Asked if Collin and Alexis Gosselin were in fact expelled, she said, "Two of my kids, no, are being tutored at home, with a teacher who is working closely with our kindergarten teachers in school, doing the identical curriculum."
So basically ... they were kicked out.
Kate says life in the spotlight is hard for the kids.
The-recently divorced reality star says that, "All the pressure was getting to them," explaining, "You have a lot of the divorce anger mixed in with that."
"The goal is to get them back into school as soon as possible," she adds.
But will their deep-rooted rage issues and bullying tendencies subside?
Kate also discussed the rumor that her upcoming TLC show, Twist of Kate, had been canceled. Kate says that no, "We're sort of still trying to shape it [into] what it needs, what is going to be fun. So no, it's not canceled."
Fortunately for the kids, Thanksgiving came and went without incident.
"We were able to work out the holiday time peacefully," she said of splitting time with her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin. "So I had the first half, he had the second half, and, we just take it year by year, and holiday by holiday."
Kate and the kids appear on a Kate Plus Eight special Sunday on TLC.
So it goes for the diva facing financial ruin ...


Michael Brea Admits to Killing "Demon" Inside Mother, Provides Chilling Details of Crime

Actor Michael Brea gave a chilling interview to The New York Daily News today.
The small-time thespian, who was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly killing his mother with a three-foot sword, opened up to the newspaper and said "I didn't kill her. I killed the demon inside her."

Michael Brea Pic
Before ending the life of 55-year old Yannick Brea, Michael said a number of visions gave him no choice.
"I was sleeping in my bedroom. God came above my bed and reached his arm to me. I said, 'God, is my time on earth over?' I heard a voice say, 'Yes Michael, today is your last day.'"


Matthew Rutler: A Risky Rebound for Christina Aguilera?

Christina Aguilera has rebounded quickly from her recent divorce.
The singer has been spotted out with Matthew Rutler, a production assistant and a guitarist in the Nate Mott Band. The two met on the set of Burlesque in February and quickly bonded - much to the chagrin of friends.
“Christina is completely taken with Matthew," a source tells Star. "But he’s a wild rocker type with a reputation as a ladies’ man."
Pic of Xtina
An insider says Rutler is in "heaven" because he's dating a celebrity.
“He networks like crazy with all the big names she introduces him to. He’s a major operator. And everything is on her dime, because he’s broke. Matt used to live in a crummy apartment with roommates; now he’s at her Beverly Hills mansion every night."
While pals worry that this relationship is "too much, too soon" for Christina, she isn't letting any personal issues affect her work. Check out a series of recent performance by Aguilera in her THG video section.


Justin Bieber Answers YOUR Questions!

It was anything but a Black Friday for residents of New York City yesterday.
That's because Justin Bieber made multiple appears in the Big Apple, first giving an interview to Today in which he answered a number of fan e-mails; and then stopping by a Barnes & Noble to sign copies of his autobiography.
Watch Justin discuss his American Music Awards victory below, along with his upcoming acoustic album and 3D movie. Then, click on photos of the artist from his book store signing:
Barnes, Noble & BieberHolding a Best-SellerJustin in NYC


Thanksgiving Couple Sightings: Swiftenhaal, Kimbriel and More!

For many celebrities this year, Thanksgiving was a time for turkey, pumpkin pie... and romance!
For example, while NBC aired a special in her honor Thursday night, Taylor Swift spent the holiday with new man toy Jake Gyllenhaal. They went for coffee in Brooklyn around 10:30 that morning and "were really really sweet," said a witness.
Jake, TayDisney World Trip
  • Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green snapped a picture of themselves at Disney World.
  • Glee star Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer partied at Groucho club in London.
  • Kim Kardashian and Gabriel Aubry hung out together in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.
  • Lindsay Lohan dined with Samanta Ronson at the latter's apartment.


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