Kirstie Alley in an odd yellow gown: how did this fug thing even get made?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

These are new photos of Kirstie Alley at a screening of Horrible Bosses. Before you get all up in arms -“ZOMG, she wore a SIZE 4 ball gown to a screening!” - let me just say that the screening was Kirstie’s second event of the night - her first event was an appearance at a charity event for the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Awards or something. I got kind of confused as to exactly what it was, but suffice to say, Kristie had a reason for wearing a gown.
So… about the gown. How awful is it? Pretty terrible. But, you know, she’s a size six now. And I’m sure this gown has a little “size 6” label sewn into it. Her poor assistants. Besides the size of the dress, there is a problem with the color. The fabric. The cut. Everything, really. I don’t know how a dress this ugly gets made.
By the way, CB wanted me to mention that Kirstie is a cradle-robbing hussy (or something). She recently dumped her 21-year-old boyfriend/lover Shancie Boyd, and now she’s dating “professional ballroom dancer” Ted Volynets. He’s 21 years old as well, and if you think Kirstie is really having sex with these boys, then you believe anything. I think Kirstie “dates” these young guys much like Xenu “helps” John Travolta and Kelly Preston stay together. You can see a photo of Kirstie and her professional ballroom dancer here. I feel very strongly that he spends a lot of time in spas with Kirstie’s BFF Travolta.
Photos courtesy of Fame & Pacific Coast News.


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