Jessica Simpson is worried that Ashlee guzzles “8 to 10 bottles of wine” a week

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Both of the Simpson sisters love their booze. Over the years, Jessica Simpson has had many high-profile nights where she got blitzed and had to be poured into a car by a boyfriend or gay dude (poor Ken Paves). Jessica has tried to make excuses for her boozehound ways, and for the most part, the tabloids don’t really make a thing about it. However, when Jessica’s sister Ashlee split up with Pete Wentz, suddenly there were lots and lots of stories about Ashlee being a raging alcoholic. This is one of those stories - Star Magazineclaims that Jessica is “on a mission” to end Ashlee’s booze-athon which involves Ashlee guzzling 8 to 10 bottles of wine a week.
Jessica Simpson has staged an intervention for her troubled 26-year-old sister, Ashlee. Ashlee is in the middle of a painful split from Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, 32, with whom she has a 2-year-old son, Bronx. And reportedly, she’s not handling it well.
“Ashlee is downing eight to 10 bottled of wine a week,” a source reveals to Star. “Jessica is on a mission to save Ashlee from self-destructing, and she told her to funnel her angst into songwriting.”
Knee-deep in wedding prep, Jessica has even enlisted her fiancé, Eric Johnson, who has been helping Ashlee craft songs.
“Jessica has also been writing with Ashlee, but refuses to take any professional songwriting credit,” adds another insider. “The biggest reward for Jess will be seeing her baby sister bounce back.”
[From Star Magazine, print edition]
First of all: that sounds like a lot to me, but I’m not a big wine drinker. Is it possible to consume 8 to 10 bottles a week and it’s perfectly reasonable? I doubt it, but I thought Angelina Jolie was probably hammered after five glasses. Second thing: Is Farty McDrunkFace the best person to conduct this kind of “intervention”? This is like Charlie Sheen going to his brother Emilio and saying, “I’m worried about you, man.” Third: While Ashlee may be depressed over her divorce, I think she’s mourning the death of that relationship by shoving her tongue down some dude’s throat.
Last thing: Ashlee going back to music. I wouldn’t hate it, actually. She gave the acting thing a go and she failed at that - why not go back to music?


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