Elizabeth Hurley is turning her jumpoff lover Shane Warne into a Ken doll

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I don’t even know what to say about this mess. These are new photos of Elizabeth Hurley and her jumpoff, Aussie cricketer Shane Warne, leaving Liz’s home to attend Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara Ball. Do you not recognize Shane Warne? That’s because he used to have a somewhat normal face, just a handful of months ago. Somewhere along the way, he and Liz became an established couple (she was screwing him while still married to Arun Nayar), and I feel like Liz may be behind this “makeover”. For reference, here’s Shane’s face in January:
Shane has long been rumored to have undergone some tweaking here and there, some Botox, maybe a little eye surgery. But to go from that ^^^ in January to this in June, that’s more than minor tweaking. Bitch got a facelift. He looks like the love child of Tony Blair and a Ken doll.
Anyway, Shane and Liz are happening, they are in love (or whatever) and they’ve managed to become “established” enough to attend a major London event together. The British press says that Shane and Liz were inseparable the whole night, and very handsy (gross). Shane has always been a horndog and a compulsive womanizer, though, so I’m not sure what Liz thinks is going to happen now. Even as her marriage was ending, presumably because of her affair with Warne, Warne was still married and screwing around on his wife with other women besides Liz.
Shane spoke about Liz in a recent interview, saying, “She’s a lovely lady. We get on really well and I’m spending a lot of time in England this summer, working for Sky. We’ll wait and see what happens between Liz and I - but at the moment things are great.” Yeah… that sounds like a man who is keeping his options open. I wonder who Liz will be banging when this one goes south?


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